Invited speakers

  • Akhil AJAY (Walter Schottky Institute TUM, Germany)

Highly uniform non-VLS GaAsSb nanowires with unprecedented aspect ratios

  • Thomas AUZELLE (Paul DRUDE Institut Berlin, Germany)

Nonradiative recombination in GaN nanowires: the effect of surface electric fields

  • Joe BRISCOE (Queen Mary University of London, UK)

Sustainable energy devices using polar nanomaterials

  • Andrea CATTONI (Centre de Nanosciences et Nanotechnologies, France)

Selective-area growth of III-V nanowire arrays on Si and their application for Tandem solar cells

  • Michele CERIOTTI (EPFL Lausane, Switzerland)

Atomistic modeling of the Ga/As binary system with a machine-learning potential

  • Sergey FROLOV (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire quantum devices

  • Jos HAVERKORT (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland)

Towards a hexagonal SiGe nanowire laser

  • Katarzyna HNIDA-GUT (IBM Zurich, Switzerland)

Templated epitaxial growth and synthesis of III-V nanostructures on silicon

  • Michael Filler (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Programming Semiconductor Nanowire Composition with Sub–100-nm Resolution via the Geode Process

  • Hanna JOYCE (University of Cambridge, UK)

Growth and integration strategies for III–V nanowire-based devices

  • Jesper NYGARD (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Superconductor-semiconductor nanowires;in situ fabrication schemes and new materials for hybrid quantum devices

  • Stefano RODDARO (Pisa University, Italy)

Orbital configurations in nanowire single-electron systems: control and applications

  • Marco VALENTINI (Institut of Science and Technology, Austria)

Nontopological zero-bias peaks in full-shell nanowires

  • Laetitia VINCENT (Centre de Nanosciences et Nanotechnologies, France)

Real time TEM observation of epitaxial hexagonal germanium Ge-2H growth